There are so many fun ways to personalize furniture!!! Painting, distressing, antiquing/glazing, adding fabric, tissue paper, scrapbook paper to your pieces, stenciling, transfers, etc.! This group is for anyone who loves to craft, flip furniture, and spend time with other amazing creative people!

We have some who are just beginning to those who have been doing it for a few years! Beginners are welcome!!

I love sharing my passion for all these things!!!

Every Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm CST we meet in the private group where we do something furniture-related!!

Replays will always be available if you can't be there at that time!

It's fun to get and give feedback from me and the other members collectively!!!

I am all about the transformation!  It’s what gets me going and keeps me up at night, and keeps the wheels turning in my head All. The. Time!  If you are ‘creative,’ you know exactly what I mean!

I will occasionally do some lives where we will make a home decor piece to accent the piece of furniture we are working on! It may be a simple sign or a little repurpose. Just something to stage our piece with :)

What? You want another perk? Once in the group, there will be access to all the projects we have done so far! There are repurposes (think old windows and doors), furniture pieces from start to finish, special techniques, etc!!! There is even some mixed media if you go back far enough! But furniture is our main goal! Sometimes I do techniques on smaller pieces like a jewelry box. But 95% of everything we do is furniture-related!!!

Still not convinced? There's more!

When I do a workshop or challenge, those in The Flippin Society will get them for FREE! We have done 8 so far this year!

We also do Live Zoom calls about once a month. I love getting to see their faces and hear their voices!!! We try to keep it to furniture but sometimes it's just like chatting with old friends and we get off track ;)

Want one more perk? In my online shop, you get a special discount of 15% off! We have transfers, decoupage papers, waxes, paints, etc!!

If you love the thought of creating with other like-minded people, and saving money on paint supplies, then this is the right place to be! And I am here to help you every step of the way!

Oh oh oh!!! One more fun thing!!! We just had our very first meetup at the end of August! Five of my Society girls came and spent a weekend with me at my house!! We went thrifting/junking, did some crafting/painting, and gave them access to my stashes of paints, transfers, stencils, etc, and we hung out and had a good time! We also have another meetup planned for March!!!

Your price will never be raised unless you decide to leave the group and come back. At that time it will be whatever the current rate is :)

I have been painting furniture for well over 11 years now and I love what I do and love sharing it with others! But if you are looking for perfection, I am not your girl. I am messy. I am the girl who wipes paint, glue, whatever is on my hands...on my pants. I occasionally use foil as a lid. I spill paint. I'm just warning you ;)

If you should have any questions about the group at all, please don't hesitate to email them to me!!



P.S.  I am so excited to teach and guide everyone through their furniture flippin journey!

What will you get in The Flippin Society?


We do a furniture project Live every Tuesday evening at 7 PM CST!



Instant access to everything we have done in the group since the beginning!


Work with myself and others who are caring and sharing to create and collarborate!


As a Society member, you get 15% off on your order in our shop. The code for the discount is inside the group.


Monthly Zoom meetings so we can get to know each other better!


As a member of The Flippin Society, you will always have free access to any of the classes that I do outside of the group and we are doing some fun challenges where you may win some cool stuff!

Sign Up for Monthly - $29.99!

What The Members Have To Say!

"Ok so I totally have to share this with you-my husband is totally supportive of me and is just awesome about the things i take interest in-so the other night we were just chillin and I heard your voice coming from his phone so I said “whatcha doin?” he says “well you talk so much about her I just figured I would see who you are always talking about” so he watches the whole video-he usually doesn’t finish watching anything-i said “well?” he said “I was just gonna see who she was and wasn’t planning on watching the whole video but there was just some genuine and welcoming about her and I just kept watching,” I told him, “TOLD YOU SO!!” so I just wanted to share with you how us people on the other end of the camera see you!! Thank you for being encouraging, genuine, real, and welcoming!!"

- Ana

"The Tabletop Technique is a money maker!"

- Rosa

"You have inspired me .. I'm just getting started I'm waiting on some stenciles I ordered... I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, and I'm disabled... my hands are turned, but I always try to do something.. lol.. I have done furniture in my past nothing fancy lol.. just simple.. lol... I'm on a budget, but I figured I can get a little every month... I try to watch you every time you are live.. you do such a wonderful job and have given me hope back that I can do more... thank you, sister... after I get done with some of my stuff ill send you pictures.. and see if I need to do things differently... I say you are my teacher...... wishing you a blessed day sister."

- Michelle

"I absolutely love this group! I think I am obsessed with watching every video over and over again. I feel like there is so much to learn and every time I watch a new live or an old video, I learn something new. However, one of the best parts for me is knowing there are other people out there just like me. People who enjoy finding treasures in junk piles or antique stores, or flea markets, or garage sales, and trying to make them beautiful again, for yourself or for someone else to enjoy. That being said, I think the thing that draws me in and keeps me watching is how real, down-to-earth, and relatable Tammy is. I love how she embraces each “teachable moment,” not letting an “oops” ruin a piece, and finding just the right way to make it an “I-meant-to-do-that” design. I think my favorite part of the group is the sharing of ideas and knowledge without any judgement for those of us who have no clue what we are doing. There are always multiple people who offer suggestions when questions are asked and provide encouragement and support to everyone. It’s truly inspirational! When I first joined I had no clue about stenciling, decoupage, transfers, chalk paint, mineral paint, etc. Now I am having such fun trying to hone my newfound knowledge and build my skills and confidence. I love making things pretty again! I can’t wait for an opportunity to meet some of you...someday!

- Kristina